How does the Arthur andersen network operate?

More than ever, we believe that clients today need a high quality, proactive, responsive and committed global professional service network with straightforward answers. Our network of legally independent, rigorously vetted member firms embodies the pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit of Arthur Andersen. Our human scale global network produces customized consulting services of the highest quality for the most demanding clients.

Our network is an increasingly attractive workplace for its partners and employees who share common values of well-being, mutual respect, commitment and solidarity.


The Affiliation Phase

First, a careful vetting of new affiliates will ensure a solid foundation for the global network. Arthur Andersen’s strict specifications regarding trademark licensing contracts and prospective development of shared services will reinforce the Arthur Andersen brand. Membership in the Arthur Andersen network is based on the guarantee that each member will be committed to Arthur Andersen’s values and standards of quality.

As from 2020

The Integration Phase

While continuing to integrate new affiliates, once a critical mass of at least 100 members worldwide has been reached, we will expand network integration of those members desiring to do so, in order to strengthen unity, optimize customer service and share in the returns on our efforts.