Historical values of Arthur Andersen

We believe in integrity, mutual respect and the importance of speaking with one voice.

We believe in the need to maintain a passion for excellence in people and in services and in innovation

We believe in training our employees for their personal development

These values represent minimum standards for anyone within our organization. Each person draws inspiration from the thought of Arthur Andersen himself.

Each person acts as an example to follow, a positive element leading to a brighter future for all.

Think Straight,
Talk Straight ®

Duty, Integrity,
Ethics, Trust ®

One Firm,
One Voice ®


Duty, Ethics, Transparency & Governance

Whether in a regulated or non-regulated environment, all Partners and employees of Arthur Andersen commit themselves, individually and irrevocably, to exercising their profession with dignity, conscience, independence, integrity and humanity.

The personal, individual commitment of each employee of Arthur Andersen stands on five key principles: independence, loyalty, confidentiality and professional secrecy, the duty to inform and to advise.

Failure to follow these ethical and professional obligations may result not only in a warning but also permanent exclusion from the Arthur Andersen network.

To monitor its activities and adherence to its values, the Arthur Andersen network will set up an ad hoc committee, “Ethics and Governance Committee,” a truly independent supervisory body guaranteeing compliance by member firms with the "Charter of Ethics and Governance.”

The role of the Ethics and Governance Committee is to:

  • Define, implement and apply the network’s Charter of Ethics and Governance ;

  • Provide risk mapping for questions of ethics and governance;

  • Monitor strict contract compliance for the use of network brands;

  • Organize and manage the ad hoc Committee;

  • Identify, promote and share best practices among network members;

  • Create and transmit a network activity report on ethics and governance;

  • Ensure the implementation and monitor follow-up effectiveness reviews of procedures

  • Collect information on possible violations of ethics and governance policy and review the action plans as they are implemented;

  • Intervene in cases of internal conflicts and, depending on the level of severity, external conflicts with potential for operational risks or damage the network’s image;

  • Takes all measures and disciplinary action for breaches of the network’s fundamental values of ethics, transparency and governance.

  • Ensure compliance with the Charter;