CSR, Sustainable Development, Diversity, Integration

The interdependency between business and society is growing day by day. There is now an acute awareness on the part of Clients and Employeess that all market activities must speak to social and environmental issues. All Arthur Andersen affiliate members are committed to these new exigencies.

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is an integral to our affiliative organization. Economic development and quality of life issues go hand in hand for our employees, their families and for society at large. Our CSR policy is an on-going commitment to develop innovate services and content which both inspire our clients and enhance their environment.

Our CSR policy is the ongoing commitment of each network member to contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life for employees and their families, as well as the community and society at large. Our CSR policy reflects our ongoing commitment to developing innovative services and content which inspire our clients and enhance their environment.

Sustainable Development

Responsibility in decision making and the necessity of innovation will lead to a more environmentally friendly approach in business . Our sustainable development and environmental protection policy includes resource efficiency, reuse and recycling. Arthur Andersen’s policy is linked to development of services which, in the long term, will have lasting spin-off benefits for the environment.

Diversity & Integration

Diversity is the consideration of all differences. The integration of these differences results from their capitalization. Growth for people and businesses is the positive result of the sum of these differences. Our diversity and inclusion policy requires all of our affiliates to have the most diverse profiles possible to increase added value for the benefit of all.

Innovation, Research & Development

The Arthur Andersen approach to innovation and R&D of network services is key to growth. These three factors are strategic for our clients. They are what differentiates us from our competitors.

Easy access to innovation by economic players now allows companies of all sizes, anywhere, to compete with traditional multinationals. Arthur Andersen’s dynamic approach to innovation leads in that direction.

Innovation as integrated into Arthur Andersen’s organization produces real-time solutions for clients and their won R&D strategies. Innovation is at the heart of the Arthur Andersen global network strategy.

Our ACTION TANKS promote discussions on innovation as Arthur Andersen becomes a force of proposal on issues related to the activities of our clients.