The Arthur Andersen Network

Welcome to the Arthur Andersen Network, the most prestigious brands of Consulting supported by an international network of legally independent affiliates. Each member is formally committed to serving its clients and scrupulously adhering to the Network's historical and fundamental values of Excellence, Integrity and Loyalty in a complex and competitive legal and regulatory environment.

The Arthur Andersen international network will restart from Europe in 2016 in an unique and innovative model, a pioneer in inter-professionalism and tailor-made services.

Arthur Andersen® has represented the strength and enduring modernity of values upheld for over 100 years by its partners, and its collaborators. Our goal is to continue this legacy through the creation of “The New Arthur Andersen”: a unique international business services network of legally independent affiliates integrating an authentic inter-professional dimension.

It is our belief that today’s companies need an international professional services structure which delivers and guarantees straightforward and tailor-made answers suited to the demands of markets and clients. Our aim is to create an attractive, collaborative work environment around values of well-being, mutual respect, commitment and solidarity.

We have learnt from the past and kept the essential values of Arthur Andersen® : “excellence and innovation”. We offer Arthur Andersen's pioneer spirit within a human-scale structure capable of providing personalized consultancy services of unmatched quality to demanding clients. Our new model is both bold and purposeful. Those clients and collaborators looking for a new deal in business consultancy will find it with us. The name Arthur Andersen® speaks for itself. Our commitment to excellence knows no bounds. We are as proud of our origins and ambition as we are humble in our way of doing business.

Stéphane Laffont-Réveilhac, Co-founder, Global Managing Partner

We are now implementing our innovative model based on Arthur Andersen and Andersen's traditional brands, for which we have acquired the rights worldwide. We have been in discussion with different structures and individuals in several countries in order to build up our international network. We are moving step by step and are passionate about the project. The network will be operational in the upcoming months and we are looking forward to the operational launch.

Véronique Martinez, Co-founder, Partner

We are in the process of meeting potential structures and individuals who could join our network. Many former Arthur’s partners have also contacted us to become a part of our network again. Our priorities are diversity and plurality for future talents in our teams. Our innovative model is based on Arthur Andersen's historical strengths and values, and above all, the motivation behind them. I have rediscovered all the energy and enthusiasm that I previously knew at Arthur. Our discussions are very frank and constructive with all those who share our values and vision.

Our Services

Our network of affiliated and legally independent members offers its clients top-of-the-range services with high added value in Consulting and Litigation in the Legal, Fiscal, Audit and Accounting * fields, Transactions, Notarial services and other business services And the Institutional, for economic actors of all sizes, private, public or associations, intervening on the main sectors of industry.

  • Legal & Tax

  • Audit & Accountancy*

  • Advisory

  • Transaction

  • Notarial services

  • Other services

* With the exception of Statutory Auditors.