Develop your business and your customer satisfaction

By joining the Arthur Andersen global network, your organization will join a network of legally independent, first-class affiliates, sharing the same prestigious brand and values. This is a unique opportunity to expand your offer, to increase your attractiveness for prospects as well as for your employees, all the while benefiting from the expertise and referrals from other members of the worldwide network.

Launched once again, this time in Europe in the spring of 2016, the new, rapidly growing, international Arthur Andersen network will give your organization the capacity to innovate on a global basis. Your clients will benefit from a wider range of services as your organization shares in the expertise of other network members.

If the needs of your clients are currently beyond local levels of expertise or initial geographic scope, you can confidently rely on other affiliate members of the Arthur Andersen network.

Once you have joined the new international Arthur Andersen network, other member firms of Arthur Andersen may also contact you with new cases and thus increase the development of your own organization.

The first international convention will be organized in early 2017

The official list of affiliated members will be published on this website.

Increase your recognition and your international reputation

Each affiliate member of the ARTHUR ANDERSEN global network can thus reap the benefits of a strong, innovative, committed and responsible structure.

Your organization is recognized on your market and by your peers and clients for its premium services. It can then apply to join the Arthur Andersen network. We select only the best structures for each country / market / sector

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