As of the 1st of March 2017, Arthur Andersen has been reconstituted, with 26 offices on 5 continents and in 16 countries. The European continent is the next step for our strategy of development.

It is crucial to have a significant presence in the coming months in Europe. We are in contact with various structures that wish to join us. Here too we strive for a rapid increase in power while taking all the time necessary for the selection of our future affiliated members for a network of first quality.

In Europe, as in the rest f the World, our strategy is to build a strong and premium international network of affiliated and legally independent member firms offer clients a top-of-the-market high added value range of solutions in Professional Services to Corporate Clients in: Accountancy, Audit (excluding Statutory Audit), Advisory, IT, Business Consulting, Transaction Services (Mergers & Acquisitions), Legal, and Notarial Services fields as well as other services, to companies and organizations for economic players of middle market to enterprise size – private, public and nonprofit associations – intervening on the principal sectors of global industries.

Integration of new Member Firms in Europe:

Arthur Andersen's strategy for the redevelopment of their network in Europe will include organic development through the integration of Arthur Andersen alumni owned firms as well as other top tier organizations that will strengthen the brands long-term value and continue to revive the culture of this historic firm. Currently, former Arthur Andersen partners based in Europe are in discussion with our Selection Committee.

Acquisition of New Talent:

The Arthur Andersen's Selection Committee works tirelessly to ensure that Arthur Andersen's great culture is continually upheld through the return of Alumni as well as the addition of professionals who exemplify the standards, ethics, ideology, and culture that this historic firm is famous for.


Arthur Andersen aims to develop their new clientele through their alumni network and past clients. At this time, Arthur Andersen’s partners from offices all around the globe are in discussion with several former Fortune 500 clients who seek to re-employ the firm. Marketplace & Services: With Arthur Andersen's return the world’s greatest organizations can now benefit from a wider selection in the marketplace when seeking services in Audit, Accountancy, Advisory, Business Consulting, IT Consulting and other related services for world leading organizations.


Not all Arthur Andersen offices offer every service, and specific services cannot be authorized to substantiate clients underneath explicit regulations and guidelines of public accounting. Arthur Andersen members do not provide Statutory Audit services.