As of May, 9 2017, starting from Europe, Arthur Andersen enlarges its offer of professional services with the launch of its international network of Notaries.

It is an important step of its strategy of development of its network at the world level. The Notaries are an essential link in the complementarity of the professional services which we want to offer to our clients.

In Europe, Notaries are an integral part of the legal order and one of the three pillars of the legal order (magistrates, notaries, lawyers). Their essential mission, that they carry out as delegates of the State that nominates them and accords them the status of public office holder, is to confer authenticity on the legal instruments and contracts they establish for their clients in areas of law as diverse as company statutes, wills, real estate transactions, etc.

Having in many respects the same value as a judgement, authentic instruments cannot be contested, except through judicial proceedings. Unlike private agreements, they are endowed with greater probative value and are imposed on the courts, the administration and third parties. Like judicial decisions, they are enforceable, enabling the contracting parties to have their obligations enforced directly by the implementing bodies (judicial officers), without having to pass before the courts. By placing the State's seal next to the signatures of the parties on the instruments they draw up, notaries are responsible for the content and the form: They ensure that the authentication process has been respected perfectly.

In the next coming weeks, we will develop our network of notarial services at an international level in other jurisdictions.

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